About Us

Rotorzone is a New Zealand based research & development company specializing in rotary powered initiatives designed by Chris Wade.

The products in the following pages have been developed to meet a specific customer need that is not met by the current market offerings.

We have designed for robustness – a utility vehicle package for semi commercial applications located in often remote areas.

These applications – borne out of direct customer requests – can be used for aerial crop spraying, mustering, town to town courier, transport of staff and cargo into mines, line and coastal surveillance and any other service that requires a low operational cost alternative.

The Rotorzone Team (Directors and founders)

Chris Wade (Designer) BE Mech, PEng Auto, F.I.Diag Reg UK.

Chris Wade

Chris is the inventor of all products listed on this website and has an extensive history of product development for multi national organisations such as Ford Motor Company. He has been involved in engineering and management with the NZ Government and the World Bank and has extensive project management and consulting experience globally. This consulting involved such initiatives as developing and implementing forestry equipment for remote areas in Fiji and Jamaica.

Prior to founding this venture Chris held senior management roles in engineering and production companies in NZ including automotive component manufacture and foundry operations at Repco and Masport

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