The opportunity

Rotorzone provides a unique and scaleable business opportunity to enter a global market with a differentiated niche product.ministers kahu pic-001

Pre-production prototype is already proven with 180 flight hours logged.

Business concept is supported by industry leaders both regulatory and commercial.

High-level of interest is evident with over 500 customer enquiries.

Regulatory change in 2011 -2015 has created a new global commercial market.

Whats on offer 

Rotorzone is now at the end of its betta stage R&D journey. We are seeking investor partners who can take these product designs to the next level – commercialize through manufacture, distribution and selling.

If you are interested in discussing purchasing opportunities for a territory licence or the purchase of the IP on a particular product or component then please call us today.

CAD Kahu AgGiven the number of products and various componentry involved we are open to examining a multitude of options – for example you may wish to discuss the prop speed reduction unit (PSRU NZ Reg design No. 413428) to complement your current engine range or you may see a market for the Kahu™ in your territory.
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